Meet Amanda Welker! Amanda Welker is a fitness professional dedicated to helping others help themselves. She offers Motivational Lifestyle Management and Personal Training services. Amanda received her BS in Exercise Science from Youngstown State University after being inspired by her experience as a gymnastics coach. Currently she is pursuing a MS in Wellness and Human Performance from The University of Pittsburgh. She believes that health and fitness is personal to every individual and enjoys accompanying others on the journey to becoming their best self. Amanda can be contacted at or (330) 651-6054

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Meet the fun and energetic Leanna Latronico! She has been a Zumba instructor for 8 years. You can take a class with Leanna on Thursdays at 6:30p, and Saturday at 10:15a at Rivals!

I am George Summers, owner of Rivals Fitness. I am a crossfit Level 1 Trainer, NCSF certified trainer, and YSU post graduate. Rivals is for people of all fitness levels. We believe in constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. We have various classes such as Zumba, cross-training, Yoga, kick-boxing, and kettle bells. We have many rates and packages to choose from. Hope to see you soon!



Meet Nicole Prezioso! She has been teaching Zumba for 2 years. You can take a class with Nicole on Monday and Tuesday evening, or Saturday morning at 9am at Rivals!